Wood Rings Pros/Cons

Pros and Cons of Using Wood Such as Whiskey Barrel Wood for Rings

Rugged, traditional, classic, yet unique. Authentic whiskey barrel wood has become a much sought-after material for men's rings and wedding bands. This organic material is shaped and polished before being set with a sturdier metal structure so the ring lasts a very long time and stands up to everyday wear and tear. While it offers a lot of advantages especially when it comes to pure style, whiskey barrel wood rings may not be the best choice for every man.

Why Choose Whiskey Barrel Wood Rings?

One of the top benefits of choosing whiskey barrel wood for men's wedding bands is the uniqueness and story behind the material. They are a conversation starter that have layers of history behind them. Rather than choosing attractive yet impersonal gold like most other people, recycled or repurposed oak tells the tale of its life from seed to tree to barrel to jewelry.

Due to their recycled nature and natural material, whiskey barrel men's wedding bands are also an ecologically responsible choice. Alternative and organic jewelry materials have become more popular in the past decade due to an interest in greener options. When you choose a sustainable wedding band or ring for everyday fashion, you make a statement about what you believe in.

From a practical standpoint, these rings are hypoallergenic as long as the wood is not bound by an allergenic metal like gold. Most use tungsten or another option that does not have this problem. Also, wood accented men's rings are available for a lower price than you might expect.

Reasons to Avoid Whiskey Barrel Wood Rings 

Despite all the advantages of men's rings created partially with wood from old whiskey barrels or similar sources, there are some problems you should consider before making a purchase. Due to the softer nature of wood, it is far easier to damage these rings than those made of metal. While breaking one completely is nearly impossible, many jewelers may not know how to repair them. Also, it is impossible to resize wooden rings. If you work with your hands or engage in active past times, simply take off your whiskey barrel wood ring beforehand.

Rings with organic material inlays like this are usually sealed with a transparent coating like CA glue or epoxy. However, chemicals and excessive moisture can still cause problems. This is especially true of sweat, saltwater or anything corrosive. However, you would not dip your wedding ring into harsh chemicals anyway, so sufficient care will help. If accidents happen, washing the custom whiskey barrel ring off quickly will help retain its look for a long time.

When you understand the pros and cons of rings made partially from whiskey barrel wood, you can make a smart purchasing decision for your next piece of stylish jewelry. Whether you simply like the look of rugged individualism or want a truly unique men's wedding band to symbolize your forever love, authentic wood from aged whiskey barrels is a stunning choice.