How to Find Your Ring Size

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How to Find Your Ring Size for Comfort Fit Rings

You only need one simple tool to determine your ring size: a plastic strip sizer. This simple measurement device works well for men and women of all sizes. It does not matter what style of ring you want to buy and wear. Getting a comfortable and secure fit depends on the right sizing technique rather than any fancy jeweler's tools.

Follow these simple steps to use a plastic strip sizer and get an accurate ring size.

1 – Make a Loop With the Strip

Finding your ring size accurately is much easier if you create a loop with the plastic strip sizer before putting it over your finger. These tools operate much like a zip tie but do not lock in place. Thread the pointed end through the slot on the opposite end of the strip. Make sure the whole and half size ring measurement lines are on the outside.

2 – Slip the Sizer Onto Your Finger

Slide the loop over the finger you intend to wear the ring on. If you are measuring for a wedding band, choose your left ring finger. First, position the tool over your last and widest knuckle. Gently reduce the size of the loop until it just fits. Remember that you need to get whatever ring you buy over this knuckle, which is generally the widest part of your finger. Then, slide the plastic loop down to the base of your finger to make sure it feels comfortable and not too loose. Finally, pull the loop back up over your knuckle to make sure it comes off again.

3 – Double Check for an Accurate Size

Look at the size indicated by the line next to the plastic ring sizer clasp. Then, pull the end of the strip to reduce the size one-half step. Slide this on to your finger, wiggle it to get over your final knuckle, and check the fit and comfort level again. The ring sizer will naturally readjust to the appropriate size. Do not purchase a ring that is too small or too large. You will either injure your finger, lose the ring if it slips off, or not get to where your wedding band or piece of fashion jewelry at all.

For the most accurate results, take care when wrapping the plastic strip sizer around your finger. Of course, you must make sure that the size indicators are on the outside for easy reading and accuracy. Also, maintain the round shape instead of squishing the plastic strip into an oval. After all, rings, in a circular shape, and you want to mimic that as closely as possible with the sizing tool. Fingers are flexible but rings made from metal and other materials are not.

If you want your rings to fit comfortably with minimal risk of slipping off, all you need is a plastic strip sizer to figure out your ring size. This works for any finger or thumb, men and women of all sizes, and any style fine jewelry or fashion ring or wedding band.