Question:  Can tungsten rings, titanium rings, ceramic rings be resized?
Answer:  No, these rings can not be resized.  The materials are so hard that they can’t be simply cut off and resolder like a gold ring.  They can’t be stretched or bent into shape easily. 
TN Rings offers size remake for a very reasonable low fee.  Please refer to the warranty page for more information. 

Question:  Why rings with organic materials are not engravable?
Answer:  Fiber laser only work on metal.  That is because the fiber laser offers a small footprint high intensity beam to mark the metals.  If it is used on antler or wood the beam would be too hot and burn a blurry area.  CO2 laser is the right type for organic materials, but the beam is larger, so that wouldn’t work with something as small as the inside of a ring (6-8mm wide)

Question:  How long does it take before I get my ring?
Answer:  These rings require 2-5 days to make.  We usually ship out no later than 5 business days from date of order.  That is on the long end estimate side.  Many customers would get the ring delivered to them in about 5-7 business days from date of purchase.  The transit time will depend on the carrier (USPS, UPS, Fedex). 

International packages vary greatly due to many uncontrollable factors.  Things like a ship getting stuck at the port due to high port traffic.  Custom office takes longer to clear due to packages volume, time of the year, Covid-19, etc. 

Question:  Do tungsten rings break, shatter, bend, scratch?
Answer:  Tungsten rings are very hard only behind diamond, so they are very highly scratch resistance.  However, they are brittle, so they can crack/shatter when dropped on a hard floor or hit something.  The chance is very low, but it is possible.  TN Rings offers a lifetime replacement policy in case such accidental damage happens.  Please refer to the warranty page for more information.

Question:  How durable are rings made with antler/wood/organic materials? How long does it last?

Answer:  How long something lasts depends on many factors such as the person’s lifestyle, line of work, and daily activities.  Organic materials naturally are not as hard as metals.  They can be scratched/break/damaged easier on impact with other harder objects.  But they can last a long time if cared for accordingly.  Some of the examples would be to avoid contact with chemicals such as household cleaning agents, bleach, acetone, lacquer thinner, etc.  Substitute with a rubber or stainless-steel ring when doing activities that might damage the organic materials such as playing sport, doing yardwork, etc.

The rings are sealed with a marine grade sealant but overtime this coat can be scratched off with daily activities.  Even something as hard as a stainless-steel watch can be scratched overtime with normal wear.  It is best to apply “Renaissance Wax” occasionally as needed.  The wax will act as a barrier to help prevent moisture from damaging the wood/antler.