Antler Rings Pros/Cons

Deer Antler Rings – A Unique Organic Material Choice for Jewelry

One unique and unusual jewelry material option that has grown in popularity for men's rings and men's wedding bands in the past few years is deer antler. This natural and organic material is appreciated by men who enjoy the great outdoors. Deer antler is frequently paired with metals like titanium in order to give it enough strength to last a long time as a piece of wearable jewelry. There are many pros and cons of deer antler rings to consider before you make a purchase.

Modern Unique Deer Antler Ring Styles

A band of smooth polished antler is inlaid to encircle the entire finger with one or more edges of metal. The unique look of each individual ring depends largely on the source of the material.  White tail deer antlers are the best choice (what we sue).  Elk, mule and other antlers are not ideal due to the softness and marrow in the bone.  It is possible to pair antlers with wood and color plated metals to make a unique ring.  Most people who choose antler for their rings prefer it in its original state rather than artificial pattern/color. They are easy to customize to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Deer Antler Is A Natural Products, Pattern / Color Variations Are Expected

When you choose an organic material for your jewelry, expect variations in the color and pattern. The natural growth of deer antler leads to a variety of different neutral shades. You can find rings with creamy white, tan, medium to dark brown, and even spotty black and brown appearances. Many men consider this an advantage as they will get a unique ring that will not look like anyone else's. Others find it challenging to know if they will like the ring they purchase if they don't get to look at it first. You have to decide whether this suits your style or not.

Disadvantages of Jewelry Made from Deer Antler

Unfortunately, deer antler rings have some disadvantages. Rings made with antler can not be resized because they can't be soldered like gold, platinum.  We have a straight forward and easy size exchange program (refer to the exchange page).  They are also not as durable as solid metal rings because antler is not harder than metal. They can get scratched more easily, are susceptible to chemicals and moisture, so people with physical jobs or lifestyles may not want to wear them all the time.  We also have antler/tungsten rings that are completely sealed with hard epoxy.  This minimize the mentioned problems.  Please contact us if you need help choosing the right ring with extra protection.

Uniqueness is why people choose antler rings This does make men's rings made from deer antler and affordable option for fashion or weddings. With proper care, they can last a lifetime and bring enjoyment to the wearer.

If you or the man in your life is interested in it deer antler rings, it is important to understand how this natural material wears over time and if it will react with your body chemistry. It makes sense to choose deer antler titanium rings or ones that use a different type of sturdy metal if you want your jewelry to last a lifetime.