Metals and Ceramic Rings

Rings for Men – Choose Titanium, Tungsten, and Damascus Steel

If you want a ring in a uniquely strong and attractive metal, try titanium, tungsten, or Damascus steel rather than traditional gold, platinum, and silver. All three of these materials suit jewelry well. However, each has pros and cons you should understand before making your next fine jewelry purchase.

Ceramic Rings

Ceramic is as light as titanium, yet as strong/scratch resistance as tungsten without the weight. Ceramic rings are also known as electrician rings because they are nonconductive as long as there are no other metal involved in the style/design.  The high tech ceramic that these rings are made from is not the same as your typical ceramic drinkware, vase, pot...  This material is the same high tech material that was used in higher end Apple Watch (Ceramic Edition) and some well known watches (Rado, Movado).

A ceramic ring getting scratched is extremely rare.  It has to be something harder than itself such as diamond/sapphire/tungsten carbide tools that can scratch ceramic.  Ceramic is solid in color, so light scratches are not as visible as a plated titanium or a plated tungsten ring would show.  

One of the cons is that it's brittle.  It can be chipped, broken, shatter by hard objects.  It is extremely rare, but it's possible.  It is not metal, so it doesn't have the ability to be shaped into many different designs like metal rings.  The only way to cut ceramic without breaking it is to grind it with diamond tools.  Therefore, the designs are limited.

Titanium Rings

When it comes to comparing metals, titanium is stronger than gold and platinum but softer than tungsten. One of the major benefits of a titanium wedding band or fashion ring is its relatively low weight and high durability. It resists cracks and other types of damage and virtually no one is allergic to it. This makes it very easy to wear no matter what your job or hobbies. 

Many men also appreciate the low cost of titanium when compared with fine jewelry. It generally comes in a shiny gunmetal gray or black, which is achieved either through a surface coating, ion plating or a color treatment done to the metal before it is formed into a ring.

Tungsten Rings 

Another unique metal for jewelry that is growing in popularity is tungsten carbide. A tungsten ring or men's wedding band is one of the hardest options you can choose. In fact, it is only one step down from diamonds on the Mohs scale. Despite this impressive detail, rings made of tungsten are not indestructible like some may claim. It is extremely difficult to scratch them, but high impacts can still break or bend the ring. Some people worry about the ability to remove the ring with a saw in the case of an emergency. Rest assured that first responders will find a way.

Jewelers cannot resize tungsten rings due to the makeup of the metal. They are not a good financial investment like gold because it is not a precious metal. Brittleness is a known characteristic or tungsten carbide.  Tungsten rings can break, shatter, chip if drop on the hard floor or hit something.  It's rare and the chance is low, but it is very possible.  

In conclusion, the pros are highly scratch resistance, last a very long time (if no accidental damages), relatively lower prices compared to gold, platinum.  There are many many designs and styles to choose from.  The cons are brittleness, 

Damascus Steel Rings 

Besides having an intriguing name, Damascus steel rings have other benefits over other metal options for stylish jewelry and wedding bands. This shiny white metal is frequently used in conjunction with natural or organic materials like antler and wood. It is a combination of two stainless steel varieties that are twisted and bonded together to create unique patterns. This technique creates stunning rings with patterns you cannot find with other metals.

Damascus steel does not have the hardness or scratch resistance of titanium or tungsten. It is hard wearing and long-lasting if taken care of properly. None contain nickel, which is the most common metal allergen often used in wedding bands and other jewelry. It is simply a highly wearable, attractive, and affordable choice all around.

If you want a men's wedding ring made from long-lasting metal with unique qualities, consider titanium, tungsten, or Damascus steel instead of traditional gold, platinum, and silver. Reflect your personality while saving money and getting a piece of jewelry that will easily last a lifetime.